Sunday, July 31, 2011

Share your GMAT preparation tips or test experience

I have blogged about GMAT and MBA over the past three year and still counting. I will continue to do so but most of the questions I have received I have written about. So as not to sound like an old gramophone, please search for the topics on the right side bar and see if I have answered your questions. Thanks to Google Blogger stats, I can now see what were the frequently visited pages and keyword searches. I will continue to monitor and hope to address new areas.

One of the reasons I still blogged about GMAT is that I still believe that many GMAT takers and MBA aspirants want to overcome the fear of this test. I have done all I can to cover them. As our reader, I welcome you to share your GMAT preparation tips, how you did well and what insights you have for our readers about the GMAT test. Send me an email and I will be happy to post it. Let me know if you want to stay anonymous.

In fact, for those who have completed GMAT, you can do us a great service if you can lead a study group. I am now in Germany, and other core members are now overseas. We cannot guide you face-to-face; hence, whatever we can do via this blog or emails, we do our best. I hope to sustain this blog by having new people spending some of their time helping others. If you are like one of us, email me and let's help others.

Jimmy Low

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preeti said...

Nice Post. Cracking GMAT is never easy but not a impossible. Students should over come this fear and give extra time to their exam preparation. so that they can easily crack the GMAT exam.

Best Regards