Monday, July 18, 2011

Selling Your GMAT Books? Contact me

Happy with your GMAT and never, ever want to touch it again? Here's your chance to dispose off your GMAT books and materials. GMAT aspirants are looking for second-, third-hand GMAT materials that they are more than happy to take them off your hands. Please contact me at this email jimmy [dot] gmlow [at] gmail [dot] com, specifying what you want to sell and how much. I will send your details to interested buyers.

Alternatively, post as a comment, what you want to sell and how much. Don't forget your contact details.

Buyer and seller should arrange for delivery and collection of the materials. GMAT Malaysia will not be involved or responsible.

Jimmy Low


mytrainmaster said...

Posting for a reader:

I have brand new GMAT books to sell. Selling the below 3 books for RM240

1. The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition
2. GMAT Quantitative Review, 2nd Edition
3. GMAT Verbal Review, 2nd Edition


If you're interested, please email me. I believe this reader is from KL/PJ.

Jimmy Low

NFN said...


I am looking for these used books:

1. Manhattan GMAT Prep books.
2. Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition.

I live in the Klang Valley area. Those who are interested to sell can contact me at

Thank you!

Seew said...


Bought these books in early Jan (this year) and would now like to sell them. They are in excellent condition, no pencil/ highlighter marks.
1) The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition (RM110)
2) Kaplan GMAT Premier 2012, CD-ROM UNUSED (RM110)
3)Kaplan GMAT 800, Advanced Prep for Advanced Students, 8th Edition(RM70)

Anyone who is interested can email me at Thanks!

Nazirah Mohamed said...

I'm selling a full set of :
1) Manhattan GMAT Complete Strategy Guide Set, 5th Edition [Pack of 10]
-All access code has been used.
-All books are in excellent condition, I have only used 4 of them.
-The 6 full- length Computer Practice Exam expires in January 2014.

2) The official Guide review 13th edition ( Brand New).
- I have not used this book at all.

Let me know if your are interested in buying. Please email me at