Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Where to Take GMAT in Malaysia?

Since I received many emails on this, I might as well blog it.

All registration, rescheduling and payment are done online via Register yourself if you have not done so. Make sure your information is correct as whatever info you provided will be reflected in your GMAT official score report (yes, you can still change the info even on that test day).

Bookmark this page - All you need to know about GMAT is found here.

There are only 2 test centres in Malaysia:

a. Central Region
Word Ware Distributors SDN BHD (next to Eastin Hotel)
Level 3, Unit 10, Block F Phileo Damansara
1Jalan 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 46350Malaysia
Tel: 603-76652911 (Speak to Willy)

GPS: 3 12 67 N, 101 64 34 E

b. Northern Region
Alpine Reliance (M) Sdn Bhd
1-3-16 Krystal Point Corporate Park,
Jln Tun Dr Awang
Bayan Lepas, 11900Malaysia
Tel: 604-6422333

GMAT schedule:,frameless.htm?action=appointmentSearch&SSLSwitch=1

Those from other states/regions, you will have to fly in/drive/take bus/taxi or cycle to either centre.

The fee per test is US$250. Every rescheduling costs US$50, if done 7 days before the test date; else, another US$250.

Good thing about Malaysian test centres, there are not many takers in a day. On average, there are only 200 test takers in Malaysia in any year compared to 2000+ and only 1 centre in Singapore. You could have the whole room to yourself.

Good luck!

Jimmy Low

Friday, May 2, 2008

New Posting on Data Sufficiency

If you are looking for help on Data Sufficiency, read my updated posting - Data Sufficiency - Sufficient or Not?

Jimmy Low

A Learning Experience

It has been awhile since I blogged on GMAT. Since my last posting, I have received 5 enquiries about GMAT and how the beginners should start preparing for this "ultimate" test. 2 of these enquiries came from my colleagues. My company provides "internal" scholarship to potential leaders to further their education particularly on Master of Business Administration (MBA). I am one of these leaders intending to pursue my MBA next year (2009).

In my Jan 26 posting, I wrote about the resources that GMAT aspirants should have. The faster you get yourself started, the better. Don't waste time if you know what you want - your aim is MBA. GMAT is one of those "things" you must have to get you there.

GMAT Malaysia started by 5 young chaps. We got together one evening and spoke about how we can get together each Saturday and help each other out in our preparation. I am still making myself available every Saturday at our GMAT hangout in Starbucks HBSC Uptown to meet with anyone who interested to know more and study together.

I hold on strongly to this philosophy in whatever I do - "You learnt best when you make someone understand what you learnt" - be it at work, at my curricular activities, or at study. If the other person cannot understand what you are saying or teaching, it means you have not understand it yourself. I find this a powerful concept. I was a tutor during my final undergraduate year and my students came to me and thanked me for making accounting easier to understand. At work, I spent time explaining concepts - finance and technology - to my colleagues and bosses.

As a reward, my teaching strengthens my own learning. When I teach, I am reinforcing my own learning. The questions that my "students" asked help me think on "my feet" and some of my colleagues used to say "you can hear his brain working" *blushed*

Jimmy Low