Friday, May 2, 2008

A Learning Experience

It has been awhile since I blogged on GMAT. Since my last posting, I have received 5 enquiries about GMAT and how the beginners should start preparing for this "ultimate" test. 2 of these enquiries came from my colleagues. My company provides "internal" scholarship to potential leaders to further their education particularly on Master of Business Administration (MBA). I am one of these leaders intending to pursue my MBA next year (2009).

In my Jan 26 posting, I wrote about the resources that GMAT aspirants should have. The faster you get yourself started, the better. Don't waste time if you know what you want - your aim is MBA. GMAT is one of those "things" you must have to get you there.

GMAT Malaysia started by 5 young chaps. We got together one evening and spoke about how we can get together each Saturday and help each other out in our preparation. I am still making myself available every Saturday at our GMAT hangout in Starbucks HBSC Uptown to meet with anyone who interested to know more and study together.

I hold on strongly to this philosophy in whatever I do - "You learnt best when you make someone understand what you learnt" - be it at work, at my curricular activities, or at study. If the other person cannot understand what you are saying or teaching, it means you have not understand it yourself. I find this a powerful concept. I was a tutor during my final undergraduate year and my students came to me and thanked me for making accounting easier to understand. At work, I spent time explaining concepts - finance and technology - to my colleagues and bosses.

As a reward, my teaching strengthens my own learning. When I teach, I am reinforcing my own learning. The questions that my "students" asked help me think on "my feet" and some of my colleagues used to say "you can hear his brain working" *blushed*

Jimmy Low

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