Sunday, January 30, 2011


Wishing all our GMAT readers
a Prosperous Year of Rabbit!

May you hop to your dream MBA
or career in this new year.

Jimmy Low

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Insead MBA 2011 Events in Singapore and Hong Kong

Are you looking for a top MBA program and will be in Singapore or Hong Kong in February? Take this opportunity to meet the Insead admission officers or alumni at these Asia Pacific locations.

Click here for more information.


Monday, January 17, 2011

GMAT Toolkit for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Having idle time while at work, commuting, at home or in a queue? Here's a real time saver. Practise your GMAT in that few minutes (or hours). GMAT Club introduced GMAT Toolkit app for iPhone, iPod and iPad (HD version)

Summary of app: (extracted from iTune website)
The most powerful preparation tools from GMAT Club:
✓ the high quality questions with explanations from top tier testprep companies: Knewton, Manhattan GMAT, Princeton Review and Manhattan Review.
✓ Build your own 2500+ questions set
✓ Keep grader/error/time log for Official GMAC books
✓ Always study in timed mode with the GMAT timer
✓ Learn idioms on the go
✓ Stay motivated with inspiring quotes from GMAT Club members

The latest version (updated 25 Feb 2012) is priced at US$24.99 and available here.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bristol MBA at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus

Taylor's University Lakeside Campus is launching the Bristol UK MBA in February. Taylor's U is offering RM7,000 inaugural discount for applicants who joined their February 12 intake.

For more information, click Taylor's U Bristol MBA website and University of the West of England Bristol MBA website. You may also contact Mr. Quah Soo Beng at the details provided below.

PDF file: Bristol MBA at Taylor's University

Jimmy Low

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

GMAT remains dominant over GRE for MBA applications

A survey of 288 admissions officers has found that more MBA programs are giving applicants the choice to submit either the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT).

Read more about it here.

Jimmy Low


Hi hi! It's been a while since I posted on this blog - mainly because I've been busy at school and I'm running my own personal blog about the experience in China. You can click on it on the side.

In a nutshell, what is China like? Or most specifically, what is Tsinghua like?

Tsinghua is fairly interesting. The workload isn't as intense as it could be - just passing is the main concern, not passing with flying colors. It's hard to get a summer internship/work without being able to speak Chinese fluently. It's cheap to be in China if you want to live with the basics, but the moment you start to party, you run a very good chance of blowing your budget.

Do I regret coming here? A bit, I think other schools like LBS would have given me a better opportunity to break into consulting or a branded name. However, having said that, I really do enjoy China a lot - learning Chinese is probably the main thing you should do here, and while it's hard, it's been a fun experience. Possibly because I have a very good Chinese tutor, and my classmates are pretty fun.

What's the student quality like? Well, the internationals are so-so, the locals seem to be very well connected and experienced and intelligent. Yes, we have our fair share of douche bags, but then again, which school doesn't have any?

So, if you want a good excuse to spend 2 years learning Chinese and getting to know people who are interested and/or have a business in China, Tsinghua is a pretty good place to come to.

P/s. Since I'm accepted, I'm probably reposting all the posts that I took off for censorship.

QS Top MBA Jobs & Salary Trends 2010-11

Click here

The ultimate question any MBA graduate will ask - how much can I get in my next job? I graduated from Germany recently and was in the job hunting mode. I found this report by QS Top MBA and helped to get a clearer picture on what the MBA hiring trends are in different industries and countries as well as the expected average pay package. As we all learn from MBA classes, this is just an average. Ultimately, you need to network, ask around and feel for yourself what your "new" worth is. Good luck!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday, GMAT Malaysia!

GMAT Malaysia turned 3 last November and we (almost) forgotten about our own birthday.

We have passed 10,000 viewership. Thank you so much for your support to keep us going. Three of us have graduated, two more in progress (but none of us are in Malaysia anymore). Feel free to send us your queries and we will be more than happy to share our GMAT and MBA experiences with you.

Good luck in year 2011!

Jimmy Low