Monday, July 18, 2011

Forming Study Group in KL/PJ

I have received many emails regarding study groups in KL/PJ. Some have found the GMAT classes too expensive for them. Forming study groups is one way to help each other with GMAT. I am sure you have experienced this in college or uni days. As the core members of GMAT Malaysia is no longer in Malaysia, we are not able to help you in person.

As I received a few emails about study group, and if you're interested to form one, please send me an email and I will coordinate to get all of you together. In the meantime, read this blog for more information on GMAT.

Jimmy Low


farnoz said...

how can we form one group? cause i really want to take a test

mytrainmaster said...

Hello Farnoz,

I will wait for a few more replies and get you all together. So far I have 2 including yourself.

In the meantime, please read the blog about GMAT and get your materials

Jimmy Low

babyb3113 said...

hi, i am interested too

mytrainmaster said...

Farnoz and Babyb3113, please send me an email with your contact and location.

Thks, Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Hey count me in. I have sent an email to you regarding this already

mytrainmaster said...

Farnoz and baby3113, please send me an email. I have written to those who want to form study groups. I need your email address.

Jimmy Low