Friday, January 25, 2008

Ready, Aim, Score .... Know Your GMAT Score Matrix

As I was learning more about GMAT strategy, I came across this website. Manhattan GMAT explains more about GMAT and its scoring system. If you know where you need to be strong in - quant(itative) or verbal, you can basically predict your GMAT score or focus more attention to.

(Source: Manhattan GMAT)

Let's see. To score at least 700, you need to hit 40 out of 60 on quant and 48 out of 60 on verbal. Each question is statistically weighted for its difficulty and being an adaptive test, you need to make you get more questions correct. While each test will be unique, for a 700 score (40 quant and 48 verbal), you should probably (best guess) get 33/37 correct for quant and 36/41 correct for verbal.

Again, while this gives you some leeways for guessing and making errors, you would probably want to put in extra efforts to score higher.

Jimmy Low


Anonymous said...

hey jimmy,

i dont know how u look at the matrix but a 40/36 score will place you in the 650 range.


mytrainmaster said...

Thks for highlighting