Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Financial Times 2008 MBA Rankings are Out!

Not only are MBA aspirants nervous about their admission results, the B-schools are too. Annually, Financial Times publishes the global ranking.

And this year's Global Top 10 are (2007 ranking in parentheses):
1. University of Pennsylvania: Wharton (1)
2. London Business School (5)
3. Columbia Business School (2)
4. Stanford University GSB (3)
5. Harvard Business School (3)
6. Insead (7)
7. MIT: Sloan (14)
8. IE Business School (11)
9. University of Chicago GSB (6)
10. University of Cambridge: Judge (15)
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USA Top 10 B-Schools (2007 in parentheses) are:
1. University of Pennsylvania: Wharton (1)
2. Columbia Business School (3)
3. Stanford University GSB (3)
4. Harvard Business School (3)
5. MIT: Sloan (7)
6. University of Chicago GSB (5)
7. New York University: Stern (6)
8. Dartmouth College: Tuck (7)
9. Yale School of Management (9)
10. Northwestern University: Kellogg (11)
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Talking about competition ..... Whao!

Jimmy Low


SFL said...

Hey folks,

Thanks for setting up this blog. It's great to know that there are resources for Malaysians studying for GMAT. By the way, do you know of any good GMAT prep courses offered in KL/PJ? Thanks!

mytrainmaster said...

Princeton Review offers GMAT prep course in Wisma MPA opposite the Weld. I don't have their contact but you can google them.

I was told the cost is about RM4,500.

Good luck in your GMAT preparation.

Jimmy Low

SFL said...

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for the info. That's really expensive for the course. I wonder if it helps.

Anyway, thank you for organizing the GMAT study sessions. I would probably join you guys in week 2, since 8th March is election day!

Keep up the good work!

mytrainmaster said...

Thks for reminder that 8th Mar is election day.

I have changed to 15th March for our first session.

I did not attend prep courses so I can't comment about their effectiveness.

Jimmy Low

GMAT Zone said...


there's a course offered by GMAT Zone in TTDI, see or

I'm one of the course founders, BTW, my name is Micheal, you can contact Ben (number on our home page :) )