Sunday, January 20, 2008

GMAT Study Group

A group of us meets every Saturday at Starbucks HSBC Uptown from 2pm - 5pm for discussions. If you are looking for study group in Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya or need help with your GMAT preparation, come and join us.

  • This is an open group. Anyone can join as long as you participate positively in the discussion. All of us want to "do well" in GMAT - "doing well" means scoring more than 700. To achieve this, we need help each other understand the concepts and solve problems the GMAT way.
  • Sharing materials and strategies - we pass around materials that we find useful and explore techniques that help us in achieving our goal.
  • Networking begins now - that's what MBA is all about.
  • Celebrate success - we will celebate or find a reason to celebrate whenever someone in the group passes his/her GMAT, admits to B-school, leaves for B-school or graduates.

2 core members have committed to spend their weekend with this group even after completing GMAT. We want more to benefit from our experiences.

If you are interested, contact Jimmy (jimmy dot gmlow at gmail dot com) or Soon (cimdaa at gmail dot com). Contact us before you come as we might change the time or venue.

GMAT Study Venue

Jimmy Low


mytrainmaster said...

Ewe Chean and I have spoken and decided on the following:

26Jan - Word Translations, in particular Computations and Permutations, Probabilities
2 Feb - Equations, Inequalities and VICs
16 Feb - Sentence Correction
23 Feb - Critical Reasoning & Reading Comprehension

We found that if you come prepared with your "difficult" questions, we can brainstorm and find the solution together.

I recommend that you start with Number Properties and focus on Prime Factorization. The topic is the foundation for many Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency questions.

Good luck and see you.

Sam said...

Im planning to take my GMAT test next year. And Im wondering about TOEFL. I recently graduated from Multimedia University,Cyberjaya.

Can i know do i need to go tru TOEFL since MMU education is conducted using English medium?

mytrainmaster said...

Pls check with the respective b-school that you want to attend. Each of them have their own requirement on TOEFL.

As far as I know, if the undergrad study is conducted in English language, you can get a TOEFL waiver. I presume this means getting the degree from countries such as UK, Australia/NZ, USA.

It will always best to check and proof that your courses are conducted in English. They may not know MMU that well.

Good luck!

Jimmy Low

devtar said...


Are you guys still having GMAT study sessions? I would be keen on joining as I would like to have an interactive learning session.


Addy said...

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brett said...

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Anonymous said...

is this still on or am i looking at a very old one

mytrainmaster said...

Anon 4:34AM

Sorry old one.


yamunah said...

Hi, i am planning to take my GMAT somewhere in MAY. Just started studying yesterday and was wondering if this study group is still active as i am quite interested.

mytrainmaster said...

Hi Yamunah,

Unfortunately, are not conducting any study groups anymore. None of us are in Malaysia now.

If you have questions about GMAT, we can help you.

Jimmy Low

Anonymous said...

Hi yamunah!
I am doris here just as an introduction . Please contact me further at
I'm planning to build a study group in kl somewhere in feb ! Every sat 2-5pm. I'm gaining group members for the GMAT prep class!

J said...

Hi theee..

Would love to join a study group if being formed. Plan to write gmat on may 2012.


mytrainmaster said...

Hi J,

We have no plans to conduct study groups. I think someone is planning to arrange one. Check with


Brian said...

Hey guys, i also would like to be part of study group. Please let me know venue of gathering.

mytrainmaster said...

Sorry Brian, we do not conduct study groups anymore.