Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MBA & Co.: Your Door to Post-MBA International Consultancy Experience

Ask any MBA aspirants or those who are currently doing their MBA or just finished; at some point or another, I am sure most of them wanted to join the big name consultancy firms. After all, the high-flying job commands high pay and high profile; a good add-on to your resume. But, we all know how competitive it is to get into these big boys. Just the assessment phase would have eliminate 95-98%. Only the cream of the crop would get in. With the present uncertain economy, hiring could be frozen.

So, for the newly minted MBAs, it is still an option for you. MBA & Co. started by an MBA from IESE, started a freelance consultancy firm. You can bid for the project that you are interested and if you matches their project profile criteria, you can join other MBAs on the project. Sound interesting? You bet. You are a freelance and get referenced. A good opportunity to network and who knows, it could open the door to the company that you wanted so badly to join.

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Jimmy Low

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