Monday, November 30, 2009

Creating A Resume That Sells

Here's an interesting article I would like to share with you.
WSJ: How to Fix Your Resume

For my MBA application resume, I narrowed to one-page and covered 3 broad areas in the following manner:

Education. List your undergraduate university, city and country, and the graduation year. Put down the degree conferred and your major. If you received honours or distinction, highlight them. Do include any academic awards or scholarship you received.

How far back do you want to list? Well, it depends on your working experience. If you just graduated, you may want to show your A-levels or its equivalent and your undergraduate degree.

Employment. This part should be your main focus. Spend most of your time here in perfecting it. List down, in reverse chronological order, your working experiences - company name, industry, location (especially important if you work in multi-national companies and work outside your home country) and the period of each employment.

List, in bullet points, your quantifiable achievements. DO NOT list your job descriptions or responsibilities. It is your professional achievements that the AdComm/headhunter/HR is looking for.

Extra-curricular. You should be an all-rounder person. Thus, demonstrate your involvements in out-of-work activities such as in non-governmental organisations, clubs or societies, projects, etc. Don't underestimate the power of volunteerism. This shows your involvement in the larger community besides work. Also, your involvements in clubs and/or NGOs tell your reader more about yourself - leadership qualities, entrepreneurial skills, teamwork, working with people from different countries and cultures, etc.

There is so much to write about yourself. Turn your resume into a marketing and advertising tool for yourself. Get yourself noticed.

Happy Reading! Please share your thoughts on this topic.

Jimmy Low

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