Sunday, April 5, 2009

Getting your application together (Part 1)

I’ve been told that I lost the edge on my latest essay. I guess it’s true, times have been hard – we’re in a horrible recession and business school applications are up…

So, let’s talk about something serious today. The MBA application and how to have an edge to getting accepted – no jokes, Serious Business™!

Now, it’s a well known fact that business schools take a holistic view of your application. Your GMAT, GPA, work experience etc are looked at in together-ness and not as individual parts. Therefore, if you’ve got a weak GMAT (say 450), but you scored a GPA of 4.0 while studying Super Advanced Material Theoretical Physics and worked for McKinsey AND Goldman Sachs (flexi-time – alternate days), you still stand a decent chance of getting in.

Now, we all know that you can lie on your work experience and GPA – and don’t feel ashamed of it, hundreds if not, the majority of applicants, do it, every year, every round – but you can’t lie on your GMAT score. So do what it takes, be a man, and ace the GMAT.

Easier said than done, the trick to the GMAT is eating properly on the day of the test. Don’t eat anything too heavy, a light breakfast of a simple tuna sandwich (hold the mayo) and coffee or half a can of coke (1 hour before the GMAT) will help kick start your brain. Don’t down the red bull because it’ll just jolt your body and wear off soon. Do eat some nuts etc, to help you stay focused. Something clean and light, not too sweet, to drink and nibble on during your break.

But most of all, stay cool, calm and relaxed. I found that the best way to do so was to go drinking the night before. Start early, somewhere about 4pm, and drink as much as you can (without getting a hangover) until 9pm, then head back, get something to eat and pass out. You’ll get a good solid 11 hours of straight sleep – no funny dreams.

When you’re doing the GMAT, just remember, real men persons can do probability and remember their idioms.

Part 2 continues next week.

4/10/09 edit: it's cool to be pc baby, P C!!

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