Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feedback Welcomed

Sorry we don't have a proper guestbook. We appreciate any comments about this blog. Post them here.

Hope to hear from you.

Jimmy, Jin Keat and Soon Chern


Kuang Shan said...

Hi all,

My name is Kuang Shan, and I have just recently completed my GMAT exams. I did ok actually (after cramming for about 2-3 weeks before the exam), and my thoughts are that Quals are actually more difficult for me (maybe due to the fact I came up from a Chinese school).

I actually have some of the 2008 GMAT materials that I am hoping someone would want to get it off my hands. As 2008 IS coming to a close, I am willing to let it go at a good discount.

Books that I have currently include:
1) Kaplan GMAT 2008 Premier Program (with CD ROM)
2) Kaplan 2008 Math Workbook
3) Mcgraw Hill 2008 GMAT (with CD ROM)
4) Official Guide 2008 - GMAT Verbal Review
5) Official Guide 2008 - GMAT Review

For those who are interested, feel free to drop me a line at We can negotiate the prices offline.

Sorry for this unauthorised post, and good luck to all for your GMAT preparations!

Kenny said...

I noticed you have some links to GMAT prep courses, but you didn't list TestMasters. Their website for GMAT is

Please included in your list, thanks!

JK said...

Kuang Shan:- I'll let people know that you have these books.

Veritas Prep GMAT said...


We at Veritas Prep think you have one of the better GMAT blogs on the Internet, and we have linked to your blog from ours ( We'd appreciate it if you could add a link to!

Best regards,

Veritas Prep

mytrainmaster said...

Dear Scott,
I will be happy to reciprocate.

Jimmy Low

Anonymous said...

my name is nur and i have bachelor of civil engineering.I really interested to continue my master in MBA.Is there any requirements such as working experience. i really need your guide. What i am suppose to do?

mytrainmaster said...

Dear Nur,
I suggest you check the admission requirements of the graduate business schools that you are interested to apply. They will spell out the details. For MBA, typically min 2-3 years of relevant working experience is required.

Carl said...

Hi Jimmy,

Do you know if Word Ware Distributors still operates as a test centre? I was just at the site and Alpine Reliance was the only Malaysian test centre listed.

mytrainmaster said...

Hello Carl,

Word Ware Distributors is still around.

In "Find a Test Centre" page, select Find the closest: "10 Centers" and City: "Petaling Jaya".

Since Word Ware starts with "W", it is listed further down the list.