Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Hunting Season, Again!

Guys and gals, are you ready for another hunting season? I hope you got your "hunting license" (GMAT, resume, essays, recommendations) ready 'cos this season's "fowls" are going to be low. Admission Offices (AdComm) worldwide are expecting many applications this year as professionals plan to go back to school.

In my earlier posts, I wrote about choosing b-schools according to ranking and more importantly, according to the specialisation(s) that you want to do. It is now time to narrow down to your last 3 schools - 2 schools which you think you can compete to enter and 1 "safe" school, which you can "easily" (such a thing??) get into. Anyway, whichever schools you want to go to, they (the schools) demand the BEST of you. So, get ready your shotgun, er, I meant pen and give them your best prose.

Good luck.

Jimmy Low

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